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BSL Hot Shot pipes are made of 2mm thick, high-grade stainless steel 2 3/4" (70mm) tubing. Each model is put in its own intended mold for accurate fitment and the welding process includes the filling of the pipe with a gas under extreme low pressure to prevent any irregularities. After the pipes have been welded, the bents are annealed to relief any stress. They are then hand inspected and prepared for polishing in an 8 step grinding and sanding process. Finally, another 4 step polishing process, which involves different polishing pastes and polishing discs, gives the pipes a mirror shine finish. "Back to the roots" styling, with the latest technological standards to meet the strict European regulation. The kits come in a Euro 3 and a race version. The Euro 3 version has the patented 2 catalytic inserts and a baffle in each header to comply with the current European noise and emission standards. The non-Euro 3 race version has less restricting baffles and no catalytic converters for more horsepower and louder rumble. Race inserts are separately available and fit all types type Hot Shot pipes.
All BSL Hot-Shot pipes come with the standard "Cut Style" end cap.


Top Chopp Spoon
Fits 2014 to present Sportster
18.398,63 kr

7.359,45 kr
20.631,52 kr

8.252,61 kr

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Note: Race version Hot Shot pipes are intended for closed course competition only, they will not meet legal noise and emission standards.