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These complete motor case kits from Colony contain all the necessary hardware to bolt Harley crankcases together. A rebuild job can only be as good as the bolts that hold it together, so these are no universal "fit's all" kits. Every kit is packaged for the specific application and includes washers and nuts where needed.


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745735 Fits 1937-1973 45CI, hex head, chrome 436,24 kr
745736 Fits 1937-1973 45CI, hex head, parkerized 406,79 kr
745737 Fits 1937-1973 45CI, hex head, cad plated 406,79 kr
239089 Fits 1957-1976 Sportster, Allen heads, chrome 233,28 kr
239399 Fits 1977-1999 Sportster, Allen heads, chrome 320,23 kr
237952 Fits 1940-1947 Flathead Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr 302,17 kr
237985 Fits 1940-1947 OHV Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr
238041 Fits 1948-1964 Panhead Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr
238110 Fits 1965-1969 Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr
238111 Fits 1970-1978 Shovelhead Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr
238124 Fits 1979-1984 Shovelhead and 1984-1995 Evolution Big Twin, chrome 669,77 kr
238146 Fits 1996-1999 Evolution Big Twin, chrome 499,30 kr
238443 Fits 1999-2017 Twin Cam, allen heads, chrome 193,35 kr

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